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About Me

Here's a weird place to start: The word "copywriter" doesn't feel quite right to me. I don't write copy just to fill an empty space or help you tell people what to do. Because that's a missed opportunity for you, every time. What I do is strategic brand writing, which begins with empathy for your audience, as inspiration for ideas and stories that hold meaning for both brand and people. And then I write the story in the form of copy that fits the context.


If you seek to hone in on what your brand has to offer to the world, why it matters, and how you can communicate that in a way that moves people, I'd love to partner with you.

Brands may not be able to save the world but they can bring a smile. They can illuminate human truths, start conversations, and make good choices--with their purpose and values as their trusty guide. And that just so happens to be how you get people on board--internally and externally.

So, let's connect with purpose. Drop me a line at And thanks for stopping by.

Client List

Airlift Northwest

Alaska Airlines


Boon Boona Coffee

Brooks Sports


Consumer Cellular

Cutter & Buck

Dulce Design

Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe

EstepWorks Photography


General Mills


GreenWise Market

Honey Baked Ham

Hornall Anderson

Ingrilli Citrus



Mighty Swell

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Munich Re


NHL Seattle


Quinn Evans Architecture



Seattle's Best Coffee

The Space Needle

Structure Cellars Winery

STUDIOS Architecture



University of Washington


Upwell Mortgage


The Wolff Company

XRP Ledger

Key Skills
  • Development of new brand voices or evolution of existing brand voices.

  • Concepting in pursuit of new creative ideas to drive brands, platforms or campaigns. 

  • Naming! For brands, sub-brands, experiences, products, features, and so on.

  • Crafting brand narratives that capture each organization's soul.

  • Delivering core messaging that sets brands on a course for connection.

  • Storytelling for brand experiences--how they unfold, engage and inform, all in support of client objectives.

  • Creating thorough but compelling brand guidelines to empower and inspire clients.

  • Copy and content of all kinds, including editorial, video, packaging, web, environmental, boarding announcements--you name it, I've written it.

  • High fives and genuine enthusiasm, which are among my top skills as endorsed by colleagues on LinkedIn. For real.

Let's talk possibilities.

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