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Article artwork by designer Katie Lee.

Neurodiversity Inclusion Advocacy

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Through written pieces and speaking engagements, I advocate for the concept of neurodiversity, emphasizing inclusion and appreciation of those who think differently. My neurodivergence is essential to my unique concepting, writing, and strategic thinking abilities. I am a proud ADHD-er and even prouder parent of an autistic and extraordinarily creative kid.

"Neurodivergence + Design" Panel at the AIGA Design Conference 2023

Co-Presenter of "Neurodivegent Creatives" at the CUNY Neurodiversity Conference 2023

Awareness to Pride: The Evolution of Autism Symbols from 1963 to Today

Autism as Advantage: The Case for Neurodiversity in Design

Sliding Door Moments and the Rise of Inclusive Brands


Show Don't Tell: Embracing Inclusion is a Must for Economic Progress

No More Autism Awareness

First grade self portrait by Stella Johnson.

Article artwork by designer Benjamin Young.

Article artwork by designer Bryan Condra.

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