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NHL Seattle

Arena preview experience

About 100 years after it won a Stanley Cup, Seattle was ready to return to NHL hockey and welcome a new team. While preserving its iconic, hyperbolic roof, a historic landmark, Seattle Center Arena needed to transform into a world-class venue for hosting NHL games along with Seattle Storm seasons and concerts galore. But how do you sell season tickets, suites and sponsorships to support an arena and team that don't yet exist? You build a vision for Seattle's future, connected to its pioneering past.

Along with the experience design team at Hornall Anderson, I created a story and theme (Under One Roof) to drive the preview center experience. Every element celebrates Seattle as a place where possibility becomes real, with the arena as its epicenter, and visitors as champions of the city's next chapter. Throughout it all, the NHL Seattle sales team is supported in identifying visitors' specific interests, winning their hearts and investment.

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